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Our Research

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Our research is focused on the tailoring of polymer properties by control over their architecture and the synthesis of stimuli-responsive polymer particles. We use reversible deactivation radical polymerisation techniques including reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer - RAFT, often in combination with more traditional synthetic organic chemistry techniques to achieve polymers with a great deal of control over the placement of specific functional groups within the scaffold.


We also work with more industrially applicable techniques such as emulsion and dispersion polymerisation, resulting in scalable syntheses with real world applications. Our work is interdisciplinary and aims to bridge the gap between chemistry and materials, focusing on the design of new functional materials for various products, especially those in the biomedical field.

If you are interested in joining the Willcock group please contact Helen for an informal discussion about opportunities, or if you would like to apply for external funding to join the group. We are always looking for keen scientists to join the team!

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